CMUA Officers


General Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District


Vice President, DAVID WRIGHT

General Manager, Riverside Public Utilities District


Secretary, JAMES BECK

General Manager, Transmission Agency of Northern California


Treasurer, TIM HAINES
Energy Manager, State Water Contractors


General Counsel, ARLEN ORCHARD

General Counsel, Sacramento Municipal Utility District


Board of Governors

Michelle Bertolino -City of Roseville

Bill Carnahan - Southern California Public Power Agency

Phyllis Currie - Pasadena Water & Power Department

Ron Davis - Burbank Water & Power

Marcie Edwards - City of Anaheim

Valerie Fong - City of Palo Alto

Ed Harrington - City of San Francisco

Casey Hashimoto - Turlock Irrigation District

Paul Hauser - Redding Electric Utility

Paul Jones II - Irvine Ranch Water District

Kevin Kelley - Imperial Irrigation District

Debra Man - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Robert Martin - East Valley Water District

George Morrow - Azusa Light & Water Department

Ron Nichols - Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Jim Pope - Northern California Power Agency
John Roukema - Santa Clara / Silicon Valley Power
Allen Short - Modesto Irrigation District

Glenn Steiger - Glendale Water & Power