One Voice!
The impact of the utilities acting together in concert is considerably greater than the power of even the largest individual utility. Some publicly owned utilities may go several years without specific legislative or administrative problems; yet they need to belong to a strong association. They always
have need for an organization to represent them on general issues. When the need arises for concerted legislative action, that need becomes urgent. Maintaining active participation in an association speaking for all utilities is an insurance policy. It insures against adverse developments and assures that specific critical needs can be dealt with as they arise.


The California Municipal Utilities Association brings publicly owned water, gas and electric utilities together to speak with one voice to the Legislature and regulatory agencies of the state.

CMUA was formed in 1933 to protect the interests of California's consumer-owned utilities before the Legislature. As state government has grown, the association's coverage has expanded to include the numerous administrative and regulatory agencies that impact utility operations.

CMUA's efforts involve representing its members' interests before the Legislature and the maze of regulatory bodies, including the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Health Services, the Department of Water Resources and the California Energy Commission. The association monitors the activities of the administrative agencies, presents testimony and participates in rule-making.

CMUA is a leader in serving the interests of its member utilities in a variety of ways.


Sponsorship: CMUA sponsors bills on behalf of member utilities and the utility industry. For example, CMUA sponsored and obtained enactment of legislation to allow the
Sacramento Municipal Utility District to issue short-term revenue bonds to have more flexibility in financing. This type of specific service is available to all CMUA utility members.
CMUA also sponsors legislation benefiting all of its members such as the ultra low-flush toilet bill, which required all new construction (as of 1/1992) to install ultra low-flush toilets
using no more than 1.6 gallons per flush.

Testimony: Once the CMUA Legislative Committee adopts a position, our legislative advocates testify before legislative policy committees to express our members' view.

Policy and Positions: The association's Legislative Committee meets frequently throughout the legislative session to set policy and adopt positions on bills. Every member of the association is entitled to and encouraged to have a member from their utility represent them on the committee.

Advocacy: CMUA has two legislative advocates that are in constant communication with legislative members and their staff.

Monitoring: Legislation is followed on a day-to-day basis.
In an era of continuing state budget deficits and the constant search by state agencies for additional sources of funding, it is even more critical that utilities be represented by a strong, active association.