Participate in 2024 Customer Research Study

CMUA is once again partnering with GreatBlue Research to complete statewide research in 2024 focusing on Business and Key Account Customers served by municipal utilities in California. GreatBlue is a full-service market research firm that is well known in the water and power industries, having worked with the American Public Power Association and with many electric utility and water agency clients across the United States, including California.

CMUA members who choose to participate in the research study will have a direct role in helping GreatBlue shape the specific topics and questions included in the statewide Business and Key Account Customers survey. In addition, participating utilities can also choose individually to supplement the statewide survey data they receive by opting to purchase from GreatBlue a customized oversampling of their business customers


We encourage you to join us on May 14 at 11 a.m. Pacific on Zoom as we review the 2024 study’s goals, approach, and discuss participation in more detail.


Two years ago, GreatBlue successfully completed for CMUA members a Statewide Survey of Business and Key Account Customers served by municipal electric utilities, establishing a benchmark for the state of California. Similarly, our 2024 survey will examine a variety of topics:

  • Overall satisfaction with the electric utility/water agency

  • Satisfaction with the utility’s electric/water delivery and reliability

  • Consideration of strategic initiatives

  • Satisfaction with customer service

  • Interactions with account advisors

  • Satisfaction with electric/water rates

  • Rating the utility’s or water utility’s communication with business customers

Click here to view a data sample from the 2022 survey.


---> New for 2024: For the first time, we're inviting water agencies to participate in this Business and Key Account Customers survey, as well as electric utilities. Combined utilities may choose to participate in one or both surveys.


We’re going to schedule a kickoff call with participating utilities in early May, with the goal to be in the field by mid-June and provide the statewide report by mid-August.


The surveys are affordable because the total cost is shared equally among all participating utilities. This year’s statewide electric study will cost a total of $63,900. So, for example, if 10 utilities opt in to participate then the total cost to each utility is only $5,340. The cost continues to decrease as more utilities commit to participate.

The optional oversampling is an additional cost: a $8,500 flat rate for each utility, per study. A combined oversampling of electric and water customers will cost a total of $11,000.


If your utility or agency is interested in participating in either the 2024 CMUA Business and Key Account Customers statewide surveys and/or the oversampling, please contact Michael Vigeant, GreatBlue Research’s CEO, at or by phone at (860) 740-4000 (work) or (860) 306-6135 (cell).