2024 Capitol Day Resources

We're looking forward to seeing you on February 5th in Sacramento.

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Issue Briefs


Successfully Powering California’s Economy of the Future: The Essential Role of Affordable Electricity
Flexibility is key for local, community owned utilities to keep consumer costs down.

Electric Reliability, Resource Adequacy, and California’s Electric Grid
Three Principles for Success: Focus on Affordability, Retain Until Replaced, and Uphold a Portfolio Approach


Making Conservation a California Way of Life’s Legislative Intent Is Not Being Preserved
Significant negative consequences are possible for water affordability, equity, and tree health.

Agreements to Support Healthy Rivers & Landscapes
Voluntary Agreements are the only appropriate implementation pathway for the Bay-Delta Plan

Water/Energy Nexus

Advanced Clean Fleets
Keeping the lights on and water flowing.


Other Resources

2024 Legislative Preview: A Year of Change
Analysis by CMUA contract lobbying firm Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC

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Learn more about California public power

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