Rescheduled to Nov. 12: Free CMUA cybersecurity webinar

Cyberattacks on Municipal Utilities Are Increasing

Learn the Rising Threats and Risk Areas to Your Utility

Publicly owned utilities and water agencies have become a big target for cyberattacks, especially as we depend on technology like never before. We are connected online and interconnected outside the utility, and that has created more opportunities for criminals and others with bad intentions to disrupt energy and water delivery, or just extort money.

A cyber threat can come from a sophisticated "ransomware" attack, the actions of a disgruntled or careless utility employee, or through the coordinated actions of another country. The possibilities are expanding and evolving, and have happened to communities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Ga., Lansing, Mich., and small towns in Kansas and Florida. No one can safely say, "this will never happen here."

The consequences of a cyberattack are real and be severe. They can be costly to clean up, are harmful to a utility's reputation and can destroy public confidence.

Preparation and prevention can help a utility avoid the worst consequences.

What You Will Learn

This webinar -- the first of three in a series* -- will discuss the risk factors and threats that municipal utilities need to know. Topics include:
  • Cybersecurity, physical security and privacy concepts for municipal utilities
  • Lessons from recent cybersecurity incidents involving electric and water utilities
  • The latest trends in cybersecurity, physical security and privacy

About the Experts

In this webinar, you will learn valuable insights from:

Doug Westlund is senior vice president of AESI, an engineering and management consulting firm providing solutions to electric utilities, government agencies and other institutions in North America and around the world. Westlund has more than three decades of experience working with utility boards and executive teams on business objectives, industry developments and risk management.

Mark McKinney, director of cybersecurity services at AESI, is an experienced IT professional offering enterprise architecture and security services for utilities, telecommunications, entertainment and media, healthcare and government clients. McKinney specializes in FERC issues, smart grid and smart meters, electric power generation, SCADA, and more.

Who Should Attend

  • Water and energy utility board members
  • Municipal government leaders
  • Managers and staff from customer service, finance, IT and operations
  • Any utility personnel interested in cybersecurity issues
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Note: Rescheduled to Nov. 12, 2019

*Upcoming Webinars

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November 21, 2019: Parts 2 and 3: Cybersecurity and Risk Management / Governance and Cyber Programs  *Registration Opening Soon*