CMUA Requests Member Support Letters on Sponsored Water Bills
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Section: CMUA News

CMUA encourages its member water agencies to send support letters on four CMUA-sponsored bills that will be heard in legislative committees in March and April.

The new online portal for letter submission is available for your use, but please note this portal does not send letters to the Assembly and Senate Republican consultants so we ask that you fax or email your letter to those individuals. Emails are or

AB 654 (Rubio) Public records: utility customers: disclosure of personal information
Sponsored by CMUA and CSDA, this bill has been referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee and will be heard on March 26. If your agency has taken or will be taking a support position, please consider using our co-sponsor letter as a template. The deadline for letters is March 19. We encourage you to send a copy to your local legislator(s) as well.

SB 134 (Hertzberg) Water conservation: water loss performance standards: enforcement
The bill has not yet been set for a hearing, but we hope it will be heard soon in the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Once it has been set for hearing we will send out an update. If your agency has or plans to submit a letter of support based on the introduced version of the bill, please send it to the author and your local legislator(s). Here is CMUA’s letter of support to Senate Majority Leader Hertzberg.

SB 414 (Caballero) Small System Water Authority Act of 2019
CMUA and Eastern Municipal Water District’s bill on small water system consolidation will be heard in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on March 27 and Senate Environmental Quality Committee on April 3. If your agency is supporting or plans to support this legislation, we have developed a draft support letter for your use. The deadline for letters to Senate Governance and Finance is the morning of March 21, and the deadline for letters to Senate Environmental Quality Committee is March 25. Please send a copy to your local legislator(s) as well.

SB 669 (Caballero) Water quality: Safe Drinking Water Fund
CMUA’s and ACWA’s co-sponsored bill to create a Safe Drinking Water Trust has not yet been referred to committee but we hope it will soon be referred to Senate Environmental Quality Committee. If your agency has taken or plans to take a support position on SB 669, we have provided a sample support letter for your use and we encourage you to send it to Senator Caballero at this time with a copy to your local legislator(s). Once it has been referred to committee, we will send out an update.

Please also send copies of your support letters to CMUA’s Danielle Blacet-Hyden at