Board of Governors

California Municipal Utilities Association Board of Governors are comprised of nineteen (19) Governors and nineteen (19) Governor Alternates.  The ten largest members (view list), as determined by dues paid, are entitled to ongoing representation on the Board.  Each year at the Annual Meeting the ten largest members each designate one Governor and one Governor Alternate. The remaining nine voting Governors (a) shall be elected pursuant to Article 4, Section 4.2 of CMUA bylaws along with their respective Alternates; (b) shall serve staggered three-year terms; and (c) shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms (partial terms to fill a vacancy excepted), provided, however, that the President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President may be re-elected without regard to term limitation. The terms of office for these nine elected Governors and their respective Alternates shall commence at the time of their election or designation.

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2020 - 2021 OFFICERS

General Manager, Long Beach Water Department
Alternate: B. Anatole Falagan, Assistant General Manager
Long Beach Water

DAN BEANS, Vice President
Electric Utility Director, Redding Electric Utility
Alternate: Ryan Bailey, Assistant Director of Public Works
Redding Electric Utility

Secretary, Vacant

Director of Risk Management & Treasurer

 ORCHARD, Immediate Past President
Formerly General Manager & CEO, SMUD
Alternate: Frankie McDermott


LAURA LEWIS, General Counsel

Chief Legal Officer, SMUD


Executive Director, CMUA


2020 - 2021 GOVERNORS 

MARTIN ADAMS, General Manager
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Alternate: Winifred Yancy, Director, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

GURCHARAN BAWA, General Manager
Pasadena Water & Power

Alternate: Eric Klinkner, Deputy General Manager

TODD CORBIN, General Manager
Riverside Public Utilities Department

Alternate: Daniel Garcia, Assistant General Manager - Power Resources

ED FRANCIOSA, Interim General Manager
Modesto Irrigation District

Alternate: Dana Ferreira, Regulatory Analyst

RANDY HOWARD, General Manager
Northern California Power Agency

Alternate: Jane Cirrincione, Assistant General Manager Legislative & Regulatory Affair

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Alternate: Katano Kasaine, Assistant General Manager - Chief Financial Officer

DUKKU LEE, General Manager
Anaheim Public Utilities

Alternate: Janis Lehman, Chief Risk Officer

HENRY MARTINEZ, General Manager
Imperial Irrigation District

Alternate: Marilyn del Bosque Gilbert, Energy Department Manager

CRAIG MILLER, General Manager
Western Municipal Water District

Alternate: Tim Barr, Deputy General Manager

JEANNETTE OLKO, Electric Utility Division Manager
Moreno Valley Electric Utility

Alternate: Michael McLelland, Electric Utility Program Coordinator

NICOLAS PROCOS, General Manager
Alameda Municipal Power

Alternate: Vidhi Chawla, Assistant General Manager - Energy Resource Planning

Turlock Irrigation District

Alternate: Brad Koehn, Chief Operating Officer

JOHN ROUKEMA, General Manager
City of Santa Clara / Silicon Valley Power

Alternate: Ann Hatcher, Assistant Director - Electric Utility

DOUGLAS C. SMITH, General Manager
Lassen Municipal Utility District

Alternate: Pat Holley, Assistant General Manager

JORGE SOMOANO, General Manager
Burbank Water & Power

Alternate: Richard Wilson, Assistant General Manager - Water

Southern California Public Power Authority

Alternate: Katherine Ellis, Director, Asset Management & Special Projects

STEVE ZURN, General Manager

Glendale Water & Power

Alternate: Mark Young, Deputy General Manager/Power Management

If you have any questions about the CMUA Board of Governors, please contact Christine Chapman at (916) 326-5804 or