CMUA Staff Teleworking and Serving Members

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CMUA has closed its office in Sacramento to the public and our staff members are working remotely.
We are available by phone, email and CMUA's website during normal business hours. Our goal, as always, is to provide CMUA members with the same high level of service no matter where we are physically located.
During this emergency, CMUA's advocacy team is continuing to monitor and engage on legislative and regulatory activity. Although the state Legislature has adjourned until April 13, the Newsom administration is taking action daily in response to the public health crisis. State and federal regulatory functions also are moving forward. CMUA will continue to actively monitor developments and provide updates to members that you should be aware of.
We also urge members to utilize CMUA's weekly e-newsletter as a resource for the latest information. We have added a dedicated section in the newsletter about COVID-19, public health, and how the pandemic is affecting the water and energy sector. 
Sacramento County has issued an enforceable directive for all residents to "stay home" until April 7, so CMUA's office will remain closed to the public at least until then. This date could be extended as circumstances change. During our office closure, postal mail may be delayed and packages will not be delivered to us. If you need to send CMUA a written communication, please send it via email directly to the CMUA staff member you are working with.
“Because our staff works while traveling we were already fully set up for 100% teleworking,” said Barry Moline, CMUA executive director. “The transition to working remotely has been seamless, our staff is safe and fully committed to serving CMUA members during this difficult time.”
Members should contact staff directly using email and cell phone contacts. We are also available at contact CMUA if you need assistance. We are here to help.