Environmental Justice and Equity Information

CMUA's Environmental Justice Working Group Mission:

To enhance understanding and collaboration between publicly owned utilities and the environmental justice and equity communities by sharing knowledge, experiences, perspectives and goals in a judgement-free space.

Reports / Studies / Resources:

Eastern Municipal Water District / UC Riverside Affordability Study (PDF)
Measuring Household Affordability for Water and Sewer Utilities (Manny Teodoro)

UC Davis Center for Regional Change Publications
UCLA Luskin Center Publications
UNC North Carolina Water and Wastewater Rates DashBoard
PPIC Providing Safe Water (PDF)
Community Water Center's Drinking Water Tool

Federal / State Agency Resources:

US EPA Environmental Justice Website
CalEPA Environmental Justice Program
CalEnviroScreen 3.0
CEC Environmental Justice Webpage
CPUC Environmental Justice Action Plan (PDF)
OEHHA Human Right to Water Webpage
SWRCB Environmental Justice Webpage
SWRCB Human Right to Water Webpage

CMUA Environmental Justice Working Group (Members Only):

Mission Statement & Objectives
Environmental Justice & Equity Contacts Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet Download)
Environmental Justice Working Group Roster (PDF Download)