Board of Governors 2021

The California Municipal Utilities Association Board of Governors is made up of nineteen (19) Governors and nineteen (19) Governor Alternates.  The ten largest members (view list), as determined by dues paid, are entitled to ongoing representation on the Board in keeping with the association bylaws.  Each year at the annual meeting, the ten largest members each designate one Governor and one Governor Alternate.  The remaining nine (9) elected Governors (a) shall be elected pursuant to Article 4, Section 4.2 of the CMUA Bylaws along with their respective Alternates; (b) shall serve staggered three-year terms; and (c) shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms (partial terms to fill a vacancy excepted), provided, however, that the President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President may be re-elected without regard to term limitation.  The terms of office for these nine elected Governors and their respective alternates shall commence at the time of their election or designation.

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2021 - 2022 Officers

2021 - 2022 Board Governors