Associate Partner Sponsors 2022

CMUA Recognizes and Thanks Our 2022 Associate Partner Sponsors

The following Associate Partners have generously provided financial support to the Association through participation in our Associate Partner Sponsor Program. Their underwriting makes it possible for CMUA to offer educational programs, thought-leadership, and knowledge-sharing opportunities to our members. Please click on the sponsor's logo below to visit their website and learn more about their products and services*.

Interested in becoming an Associate Partner or Sponsor?  Visit our Associate Partner page here or download our sponsor prospectus here.



Braun Blaising & Wynne, P.C.
Tony Braun
(916) 326-5812 


Bell Burnett & Associates
Mike Bell
(209) 217-6358   
Fitch Ratings
Jack Archibald
(212) 908-0664
Online Information Services
Scott Munn
(252) 754-1606
Shell Energy North America
Robert Pierce
(509) 951-1456
The Energy Authority
Christie Hall
(904) 360-1390
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking
Karl Pfeil
(212) 214-6830

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