Email Forum FAQs and Rules

What is an Email Forum?  An Email Forum is  a way to communicate through email with a group of members who share common interests. A member sends one email to the list, and our software treats the message as a “Reply to All,” sending the email to all of the group’s subscribers. Such a forum is commonly called a Listserv.

What are Email Forums used for? Typically, a member has a question about something they want to do or purchase, and they want to know who has experience with a similar situation as they start down the road to investigate how to address it for their own organization. They send out their question to the Email Forum, and then fellow members with experience reply with information, or provide a phone number to have a private, offline conversation if the response is lengthy.

Who can join our Email Forums? CMUA Email Forums are a free member service and exclusively for staff from CMUA member agencies. These groups are designed to be a space where you can share best practices, ask questions and get answers while discussing issues and topics among your colleagues and peers who work for publicly owned utilities and public water agencies in California. No vendors participate in the forums.

How do I join an Email Forum group? To request to join one or more of the Email Forum groups lists below, click on the Subscribe button next to each list you want to join and send a blank email to us (include only the subject line). A CMUA moderator will review your request. If you are a CMUA electric utility or Water Agency Member you will receive a confirmation email when the moderator approves your subscription. (The Email Forums are open only to such members.) Message a group by clicking on the forum topic below.

What are the ground rules?

a) Be professional. Defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening or offensive language is not permitted.

b) Refrain from off-topic discussions, advertising, and sidebar conversations. Also, there should be no conversations about pricing that could lead to antitrust concerns. Proceed with caution when talking about financial issues, and do not discuss specific prices you pay or have been quoted for goods or services.

c) Assume transparency at all times. Keep in mind that all messages sent within an Email Forum can be viewed by all the group’s members. Subscribers generally use their work email address, and many of them are subject to public records rules.