Grant Funding Opportunities

Updated: July 2022

The State of California offers many grant programs that can benefit CMUA members, their communities, and customers. All California grant opportunities can be found on the state’s web portal at In the tables below, we have identified key grant opportunities of interest to CMUA members and plan to update this information periodically as needed.

2022 State Budget Funding Opportunities

Program Demand Side Grid Support Program
Description Administered by the CEC, this program will incentivize dispatchable customer load reduction and backup generation operation as on-call emergency supply and load reduction for the state’s electrical grid during extreme events.
Available Funding $200 million
Deadlines TBD
Eligible Entities POUs, LSEs, and aggregators of multiple energy customers
More Information TBD
Program Distributed Electricity Backup Assets Program 
Description Administered by the CEC, this program will incentivize the construction of cleaner and more efficient distributed energy assets that would serve as on-call emergency supply or load reduction for the state’s electrical grid during extreme events.
Available Funding $495 million
Deadlines TBD
Eligible Entities Undefined
More Information TBD
Program California Arrearage Payment Program 2.0
Description Administered by the Department of Community Services and Development, allows POUs to apply for funding to cover unpaid bills incurred by active residential customers between March 4, 2020 – December 31, 2021.
Available Funding $239.4 million
Deadlines Application window likely to open prior to September 29, 2022
Eligible Entities Publicly owned electric utilities on behalf of active residential customers
More Information

Water Funding

State Water Resources Control Board

Program Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWRSF)
Program Description Financing that assists public water systems in financing the cost of drinking water infrastructure projects needed to achieve or maintain compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. Not a grant.
Available Funding Approximately $330 million per year
Deadlines No application deadlines
Eligible Entities Publicly-owned community water systems, privately-owned community water systems, non-profit or publicly-owned non-community water systems, community water systems created by the project
More Information
Program Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)
Program Description Low-cost financing for a wide variety of water quality projects, including wastewater treatment plants, sewer collectors and interceptors, combined sewers, septic to sewer conversions, storm water reduction and treatment, and water reclamation facilities. Not a grant.
Available Funding Approximately $625 million per year
Deadlines No application deadlines
Eligible Entities Any city, town, district, or public body created under state law, Native American tribal government, any designated and approved management agency, 501(c)(3)’s and National Estuary Programs
More Information
Program Drought Assistance for Counties
Program Description Regional programs intended to provide relief to domestic well users and small water systems experiencing water shortage or water quality impacts related to the drought. Funding is available through the State Water Board and Department of Water Resources.
Available Funding Approximately $210 million (through both agencies)
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Public agencies, tribal governments, not-for-profit organizations, and community water systems that benefit a disadvantaged community.
More Information
Program Small Community Clean Water/Wastewater Funding
Program Description Provide low-interest loans, grants, and principal forgiveness to small disadvantaged communities for planning/design and construction of projects that restore and maintain water quality in the state.
Available Funding $110 million
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Nonprofits, public agencies, tribal governments.
More Information Small Community Funding website
Program Water Recycling Funding Program
Program Description Promotes the beneficial use of treated municipal wastewater to augment or offset fresh water supplies in California. Eligible projects include construction of recycled water treatment facilities, storage facilities, pumping facilities, groundwater recharge facilities, and recycled water distribution systems.
Available Funding $5 million
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Nonprofits, public agencies, tribal governments
More Information
Program Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience Program
Program Description Meant to address funding gaps and provide solutions to water systems, especially those serving DACs, to address short and long-term water needs.
Available Funding $130 million
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Nonprofits, public agencies, tribal governments
More Information SAFER website

Department of Water Resources

Program Riverine Stewardship Program
Program Description Funding to implement projects that will reduce flooding, improve water quality, and restore streams, creeks, and rivers to enhance the environment for fish, wildlife, and people.  
Available Funding $15 million
Deadlines Open as of June 1, 2022
Eligible Entities The USRP funds projects and provides technical assistance to restore streams affected by urban development to a more natural state. 
More Information
Program County-Wide and Regional Funding Solicitation
Program Description Counties or eligible partner entities to receive funding to implement regional programs that address drought-related and/or contamination issues for state small water systems and domestic wells service disadvantaged communities and low-income households.
Available Funding Through SAFER Program
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Counties and eligible partners. Eligible projects include assessment such as community outreach, interim solutions such as bottled water, and long-term solutions such as well repairs/replacements.
More Information Applications submitted through the Financial Assistance application Submittal Tool.
Program Urban and Multibenefit Drought Relief Grant Program
Program Description Financial assistance to address drought impacts through implementation of projects with multiple benefits, including benefiting communities facing the loss or contamination of water supplies and to address immediate drought impacts on human health and safety.
Available Funding Awaiting Additional Funding
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities Public agencies, public utilities, special districts, mutual water companies, non-profit organizations, regional water management groups, federally recognized California Native American tribes, colleges and universities
More Information
Program Sustainable Groundwater Management Grant Program
Program Description Aims to achieve sustainable water balance in California where Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and other responsible entities work cooperatively and innovatively to manage surface and groundwater together in a holistic manner.
Available Funding $180 million (with additional $120 million subject to Legislature approval)
Round 1 to provide over $150 million by spring 2022
Round 2 solicitation in 2022-2023 will provide over $204 million
Deadlines Round 2 Solicitation expected October 2022
Eligible Entities Round 1 – GSAs, member agencies of GSAs, entity that represents a GSA, approved Alternative that are located within eligible COD basins only
Round 2 – GSAs, member agencies of GSAs, entity that represents a GSA, agencies with an approved Alternative that are located within eligible medium and high priority basins or within COD basins that did not obtain funding in Round 1
More Information
Program Small Community Drought Relief Program
Program Description Provide immediate and near-term financial and technical support to help small communities survive droughts.
Available Funding $192 Million
Deadlines December 29, 2023
Eligible Entities Non-profits, public agencies, tribal governments in counties included in Governor Newsom’s state of emergency proclamations for 2021.
More Information
Program Integrated Regional Water Management Implementation Grant Program
Program Description Designed to encourage integrated regional strategies for water resource management in California by providing funding for projects and programs including climate change adaptation, providing incentives for collaboration and setting priorities in water resource and infrastructure management. Round 2 of planned two rounds of funding.
Available Funding $192 million available in Round 2
Deadlines August 19, 2022
Eligible Entities Nonprofit, public agencies, tribal governments
More Information

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Program WaterSMART
Program Description Available for small, on-the-ground projects that conserve, better manage or use water more efficiently in the West.
Available Funding Variable amounts available
Deadlines Ongoing
Eligible Entities States, tribes, irrigation districts, or any other organization with water or power delivery authority in the Western United States or territories. Eligible projects include installation of flow measurement or automation in a specific part of a water delivery system, lining of a section of a canal to address seepage, or other similar projects that are limited in scope.
More Information

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Program Drought Funding (no program name)
Program Description USEPA is coordinating with federal and state partners to offer a one-stop shop to help water and wastewater utilities with identifying possible drought mitigation strategies and to understand the types of funding available.
Available Funding Unknown
Deadlines Unknown
Eligible Entities Drinking water, wastewater, and storm water utilities
More Information

Zero Emission Vehicle & Infrastructure Funding

California Energy Commission

Program Clean Transportation Program
Program Description The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) addresses regional needs for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout California, while supporting state goals to improve air quality, combat climate change and reduce petroleum use. CALeVIP provides incentives for EV charger installations and works with local partners to develop and implement projects that meet current and future regional EV needs for Level 2 and DC fast charging. 
Available Funding $185 Million
Deadlines Unknown
Eligible Entities Property Owners
More Information

Air Resources Board

Program Description A total of $90 million in Volkswagon (VW) funds are available to support the expansion of zero-emission Class 8 trucks. The first solicitation for this category is now closed, with funding requests exceeding the amount of available funds in the first installment. Funding for the next installment is anticipated to be available in 2022/2023.
Available Funding $63 Million
Deadlines TBD
Eligible Entities Both public and private entities that own and operate eligible vehicles may apply. 
More Information
Program Description The Combustion Freight and Marine Projects Category of the VW funds is intended to accelerate the replacement of older, higher polluting engines.
Available Funding $26 Million
Deadlines As available, first come, first served.
Eligible Entities Both public and private entities that own and operate eligible vehicles (Class 7 and Class 8 trucks) may apply. 
More Information

U.S. Department of Energy

Program Description Department of Energy (DOE) rebate program for EVSE located in publicly accessible places, including workplaces and multi-unit dwellings. It would also create an EV Charging Equity Program to increase access to charging infrastructure in underserved and disadvantaged communities and would appropriate funds to two transportation electrification programs at DOE, the Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Program, and the Near-term Transportation Sector Electrification Program.
Available Funding $2 Billion
Deadlines TBD
Eligible Entities Public Agencies, Property Owners
More Information