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Water & Power Leadership iconCMUA is the leading voice for California utilities, enhancing our communities. Supporting that vision, CMUA has launched a podcast showcasing our industry. We want it to become the premier podcast about water and energy issues in California and beyond.

Water & Power Leadership is interviewing the thought leaders, decision makers and innovators driving the water and energy sector forward.

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Episode 4: Exploring the Devastating Costs of Wildfire in California
Guest: Michael Wara, JD, PhD, senior research scholar at the Woods Institute for the Environment and the director of the Climate and Energy Policy Program at Stanford University.

Wara discusses the many findings of a new report from the California Council on Science and Technology called "The Costs of Wildfire in California." Download the CCST report discussed in the episode.

Episode 3: What Happened in the 2020 Legislative Session, and Outlook for 2021
Guests: Danielle Blacet-Hyden and Patrick Welch, CMUA, and Don Gilbert, EGRS

We look back at California's 2020 legislative session — a year unlike any other — with CMUA's advocacy team. We talked about the water and energy legislation that did and didn't pass, the Governor's performance during the COVID emergency, how the pandemic changed everything inside and outside the State Capitol, and what the big issues could be in 2021.

Episode 2: Managing a Water Utility During the Pandemic and Looking Forward to the Next 10 Years
Guest: Chris Garner, General Manager of the City of Long Beach Water Department and CMUA Board President

Chris has a broad perspective: He previously led Long's Beach's gas utility for two decades. Chris talks about what it has been like to lead a utility during the pandemic, how he got started in the industry and what the future might look like for the utility sector.

Episode 1: Taking Action to Stop Wildfire in the Forest
Guest: Paul Hauser, General Manager of Trinity Public Utilities District

For many years, Trinity PUD has been looking at ways to reduce the threat of fires in its service area, which is located on heavily forested and sparsely populated land in Northern California. With California's 2020 fire season shattering records, there's new urgency to take action. Trinity PUD is embarking on an innovative pilot project.