Sample Messages and Social Media for Customer Repayment Communications

CMUA members are ecouraged to share examples of their communications about customer repayment for inclusion on this list. Contact

Sample Messages and Social Media

Help us keep the [water and/or power] flowing. When your bill comes, please pay what you can. Even a partial amount helps not just your local utility, but your local community, too.

Times are tough for many of us, but paying your utility bill is money well spent. [Clean water and/or reliable power] help fight the pandemic and maintain our economy.

Your local utility employs [dozens/hundreds/thousands] of skilled workers who together provide reliable water and power service 24/7, 365 days a year. When you pay your utility bill, you are supporting these good jobs in your community.

Did you know your local utility is not-for-profit? That means we rely on our customers to pay their bills for the money needed to keep the [power running and/or the water flowing]. That’s why we can’t exist without customers like you.

When you don’t pay your utility bill, it hurts not only you, but also your neighbors. Eventually, it can lead to more expensive and less reliable service for everyone. Paying your bill helps all of us by keeping rates affordable.

If you have not paid for your utilities during COVID, you will still owe that past-due amount when the emergency ends. Start paying today so you don’t leave yourself a bigger bill later. Contact our customer service department today.

Thank you for continuing to pay your utility bill during these unprecedented times. We know that every dollar counts, and we are grateful you understand the reliable and safe [water and/or power] service we provide is valuable and important.

Need help paying your utility bill? We want to work with you on a repayment plan, and we have assistance programs that can help. Contact our customer service department to get started.

The federal government recently approved new funding that will help customers who are struggling to pay their water bills. We’re working with water agencies across California to make this important funding available to customers in need. Help is on the way.

Paying for your utilities is an investment in our community’s future. Why is that? Because a small portion of your bill helps pay for new technologies, clean [water and/or energy], and other vital improvements.

Are you behind on your utility bills? We are here to help so it doesn’t get out of hand. Contact us today to find a repayment plan that will help get you back on track.

Whether it’s because of the pandemic, a job loss or financial struggles, we understand it’s a challenging time. California’s publicly owned electric utilities and water agencies will only discontinue your service when other options are exhausted. We’re here to help. Learn more at [agency webpage].