CMUA Guidebook on Advanced Clean Fleets Rule Implementation

What you need to know about reporting and compliance, exemptions, flexibility options, and more

Updated: February 2024

California’s new Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation will fundamentally change how publicly owned electric utilities and water and wastewater agencies manage and make purchasing decisions for their medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) fleet vehicles. Given the short timeline for compliance — as soon as 2024 — and the regulation’s overall complexity, CMUA staff have developed a Guidebook for implementing the new fleet requirements for state and local government agencies. This resource includes information about reporting and proving compliance, and explains the ins and outs of exemptions, exceptions and flexibility options that agencies may be eligible to use.

CMUA is continuing to work with the Air Resources Board and the Legislature to identify challenges with the ACF regulation, and this Guidebook will be updated as needed to reflect further clarifications or new requirements associated with ACF implementation.

Note: The February 2024 update to the Guidebook includes a new section on Assembly Bill 1594, legislation sponsored by CMUA now in statute that provides accommodations that will help utilities successfully transition their medium- and heavy-duty fleets to zero

For questions about the Guidebook, please contact CMUA's Frank Harris at * Member log-in required to view guidebook.