Wildfire Preparedness, Response and Recovery Working Group

CMUA Board President Dan Beans gives a presentation about fires in the Redding area, during CMUA's annual conferenceIn 2016, the Legislature passed SB 1028, which required each POU to present wildfire mitigation measures to its own governing board if the POU’s electric lines present a significant risk of catastrophic wildfire. In response to this new requirement, CMUA’s wildfire map working group held discussions on compliance with these requirements. Two years later, the Legislature passed SB 901, which replaced the SB 1028 process with a new mandate requiring all POUs  to annually prepare a wildfire mitigation plan (WMP) that addresses specified topics and to present those WMPs to their governing board. In 2019, AB 1054 and AB 111 created the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board (WSAB) and directed POUs to submit their WMPs to the WSAB for review. 
CMUA’s Wildfire Preparedness, Response and Recovery Working Group coordinates and develops work products to help each POU with the development of its own WMPs, and the working group coordinates with the WSAB. This webpage provides a description of the working group’s history as well as links to the various work products the working group has produced. Log-in is required to access the working group documents.


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Wildfire Safety Advisory Board Links

Each year, the POUs must submit their WMP to the WSAB for review. The WSAB then issues a Guidance Advisory Opinion that provides recommendations to the POUs on their Plans. The WSAB’s Guidance Advisory Opinions are available below:
2021 WSAB Advisory Opinions
2022 WSAB Advisory Opinions
2023 WSAB Advisory Opinions

CPUC Wildfire Threat Maps

Through the map development process adopted in R.15-05-006, the CPUC has made available a statewide map that identifies three fire risk areas:
Tier 2 – Elevated Risk of Utility Line Ignited Wildfire
Tier 3 – Extreme Risk of Utility Line Ignited Wildfire

High Hazard Zones on the U.S. Forest Service-CAL FIRE Joint Tree Mortality Task Force Map
PDF Versions of the CPUC’s High Fire Threat District Map are available at:
  1. HFTD Map - high resolution pdf (8.5"x11")
  2. HFTD Map - high resolution pdf (poster size)