Building Teamwork: Help Your People Effectively Communicate, Collaborate and Build Great Teams

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How would you like your employees, colleagues and peers – the people you work with – get along better, develop effective teams, do it faster, and be happier?
After four years of investigation, CMUA Executive Director Barry Moline wrote an award-winning book about effective methods to help people work together and build great teams. In Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate for Success in Business and Life, Barry found that when people learn more about one another — by, sharing stories about their backgrounds and what’s going on in their lives, they begin to like each other and find more common ground. And when they know their colleagues better, they want to do a good job for each other. The result is better solutions for your organization, in a supportive environment where people build great teams.

Research also shows that when people connect with one another, they become happier. Barry presents case studies of companies and organizations that have successfully achieved a high degree of teamwork – after experiencing a period of poor performance. Finally, he provides effective methods for individuals and teams to learn how to quickly collaborate and enhance teamwork.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn effective ways to build and strengthen workplace relationships
  • Enhance collaboration and communication between colleagues
  • Understand the secrets for building great teams
  • Discover how to network and meet people — and enjoy it
  • Understand how engaging with people is key to building employees’ careers
  • Learn the link between connecting with people and happiness in life

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors who want to support and enhance their teams
  • Employees growing in their careers
  • Leaders who want to enrich their company culture
  • Those wanting to break down departmental silos
  • Everyone who wants to learn the keys to teamwork and happiness

Presentation Timing and Materials (virtual or in-person)


Keynote/Presentation: 45 minutes to one hour, depending on amount of Q&A and group discussion. Good for large groups or just to offer a shorter presentation to groups of any size.

Workshop: 90 minutes, includes the 45-minute presentation, plus about 30-45 minutes for small group discussion in breakout rooms. Great for smaller groups and teams where you want to provide a focused training experience that will enhance collaboration.

Handouts: PowerPoint slides, including details and action items employees can immediately use, provided as a PDF handout. Special report on group ice breakers also provided. Barry’s book, Connect!, is available at the member-discounted rate of $5, including shipping (the book retails for $15 on Amazon). However, the book is not necessary to learn successful methods or to retain key points.

About the Instructor

Barry Moline has been CMUA’s Executive Director since 2017, and has been a trade association CEO for more than 25 years. In his career, he has seen some people struggle to collaborate, while to others, it comes naturally. Recognizing the widespread need in businesses and organizations to improve individual and organizational teamwork, Barry investigated and discovered the keys that best-practice organizations use to show their employees how to quickly work together, and then encourage staff to grow productive workplace relationships. After four years of research, Barry wrote Connect!, and he is delighted to share these ideas with CMUA Members.

Details of the Presentation

Barry’s PowerPoint slides are available to review in advance for supervisors and leaders who want to customize the message to specific concerns they would like to address. He is happy to customize the overall message to address situations faced by the organization, department or team.
Rundown of the specific issues discussed in the presentation:
  1. Ingredients for personal and organizational success
  2. Google’s quest to find the perfect team
  3. What the best teams do
  4. Barriers to teamwork
  5. The solution – share personal stories
  6. Importance of YOUR actions
  7. Case study – Talking on a train
  8. Case study – Oakton Community College’s persistence project
  9. Case study – Shell Oil’s rig turnaround from worst to first
  10. Dozens of successful methods to help staff connect
  11. Stop listening, and start being curious
  12. The value of shared experiences
  13. Breaking down silos
  14. Dealing with naysayers
  15. Meeting new people
  16. Sensitivity to cultural issues
  17. Connecting with people improves happiness
  18. Giving the gift of a pleasant conversation

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