The All of the Above Clean Energy Solution

To overcome challenges, the association encourages energy solutions that consider all ideas, programs, and technologies.

In a policy paper, the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) calls for common sense in developing clean energy policies. In The All of the Above Clean Energy Solution, CMUA encourages energy solutions that consider all ideas, all programs, and all technologies.
“Achieving California’s 60% renewable energy goal in the next six years presents many challenges,” said Barry Moline, executive director at CMUA. “And for 2045, the bigger goal is for all of our power to be 100% decarbonized. We’re learning that this is hard, and clean energy markets are not responding quickly. We need to keep our minds open to a variety of options, including new ones we may not know yet.”
The All of the Above Clean Energy Solution paper encourages cutting carbon emissions and addressing climate change by making smart investments with a full menu of options, not just solar and wind alone. “Call it the ‘all-of-the-above strategy,” added Moline. “By investing in many technologies, we increase our odds of successfully reducing carbon emissions and positively impacting climate change.”

California must move smarter and faster to reach its decarbonization goals. Successful decarbonization requires us to evaluate and use all appropriate options, including resources like offshore wind, geothermal power, hydrogen, and biofuels, as well as grid support, like energy storage and transmission. “We need our policymakers to take a common-sense approach that supports a balanced portfolio of energy resources, prioritizes decarbonization, and helps us maintain affordable, reliable electric service for all Californians,” the paper states.