Big & Bold: Refocusing California's Water Management Strategy

While California is experiencing record-setting dry conditions and the state needs aggressive conservation to get through the summer, a new policy paper from CMUA presents ideas for taking Big and Bold actions that can effectively address demand management and also ensure the long-term resiliency of our water supply.

Pressured by severe drought and other intensifying climate change impacts, California's aging water infrastructure and facilities will not be able to keep pace, and changes are necessary to adequately serve the state's population and environmental and agricultural needs.

Developed with input from CMUA members, Big & Bold: Refocusing California's Water Management Strategy, lays out a path to success:

•    Providing significant and sustained funding
•    Increasing water supplies
•    Implementing effective demand management
•    Accelerating and expanding incentives
•    Providing regulatory certainty and encouraging collaboration
•    Streamlining permitting/CEQA exemptions

The policy paper also highlights how water service providers across California are using emerging technologies and innovative local and regional programs to effectively manage water supply and demand.